Hand Book for Numpy
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Basics of Numpy for Machine Learning

What is NumPy?

NumPy is a library for Python programming.This is the fundamental package for scientific computing with Python. It contains among other things

  • a powerful N-dimensional array object
  • sophisticated (broadcasting)
  • tools for integrating C/C++ and Fortran code
  • useful linear algebra, Fourier transform, and random number capabilities

Getting Numpy

Using pip
Type the follwing in terminal
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install numpy
Windows packages
Download numpy from here.
Now follow some basic instructions from this answer on StackOverflow Click here

You can find numpy for all the operating systems here https://scipy.org/install.html

Testing Numpy

Open terminal and type python then
import numpy
It will look like this

and for windows using Python Shell

if you not getting any error then all set...

Let's do NumPy!